6 Fun Thanksgiving Activities for Thanksgiving

6 Fun Thanksgiving Ideas for Speech Therapy

The Thanksgiving holiday is the time of year for giving thanks, spending time with family and friends, and remembering the things that matter the most.

These Thanksgiving ideas, crafts, diy activities, and fun printables will help teach your students about the importance of giving thanks. During this holiday season, try these 6 fun Thanksgiving crafts during speech therapy.

  1. Origins of Thanksgiving Article

    Do your students ever wonder about the origin of Thanksgiving? Read a brief story with your students entitled “The First Thanksgiving” This article explains the importance of Thanksgiving and how it started. Teach your students about gratitude and being thankful. After reading the story together, have your students answer the questions on the short quiz. It includes 10 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions.

  2. Thanksgiving Venn Diagram

    Use this Venn diagram to pair with the article on “The First Thanksgiving.” Students use the diagram to compare the first Thanksgiving with their own personal Thanksgiving traditions. After students compose the Venn Diagram, encourage them to present their diagram to the class.

  3. Persuasive Turkey Short Essay

    Your students imagine that they are a turkey and Thanksgiving is approaching soon. Now, your students really don’t want to be chosen for the dinner table. So the objective is for them to write a speech explaining why their partner is a better choice for the dinner table. Students list their objectives on the list and then write a persuasive essay.

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  4. Thanksgiving Today Crossword Puzzle

    This crossword puzzle will encourage your students have fun and work on comprehension at the same time. Work on this activity in a group and have your students to share their answers. Answer key is included.

  5. How to Cook A Turkey Project

    Different families have different turkey recipes. Some use stuffing and some use spices. Others use an oven, a grill, or fry their turkey outside. Students break into groups and discuss how their family fixes their Thanksgiving Turkey. Then write the steps in sequential order. It also includes an article from an online recipe database for inspirational ideas.

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  6. Thanksgiving Mini Book

    This Thanksgiving book will be a hit with your students! Your students will also have fun answering Comprehension Questions and using the Writing Prompts to discuss what they are thankful for. Students read about preparing a Thanksgiving meal and being thankful. Then they cut out pictures to answer comprehension questions about the story. Finally, they complete writing prompts on what makes them feel thankful.

    This activity includes:
    Mini Book with 20 pages
    9 Comprehension Questions
    4 Writing Prompts: I’m thankful for, I feel thankful when, my favorite Thanksgiving meal, and my favorite Thanksgiving dessert.


Activities 1-4: May be found on abcteach.com.

Activity 5: I downloaded several online recipes on how to cook a Thanksgiving turkey. You may use this pdf to provide your students with ideas. Click the link to download the recipes.

Activity 6: May be found here: Thanksgiving Mini Book.

Thanksgiving Mini Book

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6 Fun Thanksgiving Activities for Speech Therapy
Try these 6 fun Thanksgiving crafts, recipes, and activities during speech therapy.

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