Holiday Traditions Around the World



6th, 7th, 8th, 9th

Seasonal, Holiday, Activities

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Printables, Worksheets, Mini Books

34 pages

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Holiday Traditions Around the World highlight the holiday traditions of four countries: United States, Australia, Africa, and Canada This is an engaging cultural activity that your students will love! Target numerous language concepts at the same time: paragraph writing, understanding main idea, writing descriptions, vocabulary building, and making inferences.


•  Appropriate for teenagers.
•  Students that want to learn about cultural holiday traditions.
•  Effective for vocabulary skills and building reading comprehension.
•  Encourages
 written expression.


•  Synopsis of the United States, Australia, Africa, and Canada.
•  Learn about cultural customs, foods, traditions, and weather.
•  Students answer test their comprehension and vocabulary skills.
•  Complete a multiple choice and short answer quiz. 
•  Target written expression, inferencing, compare/contrast, and making predictions.


One page Synopsis of each country:
• Holiday traditions
• Custom foods
• Weather
• Vocabulary
• Fun facts
Comprehension Worksheets include:
• 32 Multiple Choice Questions
• 4 Essay questions
• 4 Venn Diagrams: includes a topic of discussion
• Essay questions ask for explanation of the Venn Diagram

• Answer key included


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