6 Fun Halloween Crafts and Activities for Speech Therapy

by The Artsy SLP

The fall season is a time of hot cocoa, beautiful fall foliage, and camp fires. Halloween is a fun and exciting time for many elementary students. These Halloween projects and fun Halloween diys will help you and your students get into the season in style. Try these 6 fun Halloween crafts and activities for speech therapy. After reading about these therapy ideas, you may download the resources at the end of this article.

  1. Candy Corn Preposition Fun

    Print out a pumpkin or Halloween Jack-o-lantern picture. Then give your students instructions on where to place the candy corn. For example, “Place one candy corn above the eye.” or “Place two candy corns next to the spider.” Have the students complete the activity as a group and help each other. Bonus: At the end, the students get to eat their candy corns!

  2. Halloween Pictionary

    Items needed: Dry Erase Board, Dry Erase Markers, Word List, and Trick or Treat Basket
    I print off a word list of 24 common Halloween words. Then I cut the paper into strips, fold them, and put them into the Trick or Treat Basket. One student pulls out a strip of paper, reads it, and then draws a picture of the item on the Dry Erase Board. Then the other student tries to guess the word.

  3. Spooky Halloween Story Starters

    Who doesn’t love a good Halloween story? Have your students take turns with creating their own Spooky Halloween stories by using these story starters. Students read the opening sentence and then add their own ideas to the story. Students may take turns by each adding their own sentence or each student creates one story. Encourage written expression by having your students write their own story.

  4. Halloween Similes

    Help teach your students about similes with a fun Halloween twist. Similes compare two things using the words “like” and “as.” This worksheet has a list of Halloween words and adjectives to use for students to get started. When finished, they can draw a picture of their favorite simile and then share it with the group. Encourage written expression and boost comprehension at the same time.

  5. Origin of Halloween Article

    Do your students ever wonder how Halloween started? Read a brief story with your students entitled “Where Does Halloween Come From?” This article explains the origins of Halloween. After reading the story together, have your students answer the questions on the short quiz. It includes 4 multiple choice and 1 short answer. Answer key is included.

  6. Halloween Mini Book

    This Halloween book will be a hit with your students! Students will create the Mini Book “Who Will You Be On Halloween?” Siblings Rachel and Ronnie are trying to decide which Halloween costumes to choose this year. They ask five of their friends for ideas on costumes. This interactive and hands on mini book is an engaging activity for the classroom setting. Work on comprehension and sequencing skills after reading the story.

    Students also take turns:
    Sequencing the story in the correct order
    Naming the characters in the story
    Matching the characters with their costumes
    Answering Wh- questions about the story

Click to try my Halloween Mini Book.

Halloween Mini Book Activities

Speech Therapy Halloween Downloads:

Halloween Prepositions:

Halloween Pictionary List:

Spooky Halloween Story Starter:

Halloween Similes:

Origin of Halloween:

By trying these 6 Fun Halloween Crafts, Activities, and Downloads during Speech Therapy; you will help get your students into the fall season.

6 Fun Halloween Crafts and Activities for Speech Therapy
Try these fun Halloween crafts and activities during Speech Therapy.

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