Speech Therapy Homework for the Year


1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th

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The beginning of the school year can be stressful. Save time by having speech homework set for the entire year! Already have your speech activities ready for each month. Students are also encouraged to use their language skills by answering comprehension and descriptive questions.

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• Appropriate for elementary students working on articulation and/or fluency.

• SLPs to use during speech therapy.

• Parents and caregivers working on speech at home.

• Most effective to use with students working at the sentence and conversation level. It may also be used at the word and phrase level.


• Save time and reduce stress by having your speech homework prepared for the year.

• Customizable to suit the needs of your students.

• Students answer the questions using their target sounds.

• Students work on speech and language skills to facilitate the carryover process.

• Assign the entire worksheet, or select specific activities you would like your students to complete.

• Activities featured in color and black & white.


•  Instructions and ideas

•  43 worksheets in color and 43 worksheets in black/white

•  86 worksheets in total

•  December has 3 worksheets that month

•  August through May each have 4 worksheets per month

•  June and July each have 2 worksheets per month

Homework worksheets:

•  3 discussion questions and 1 bonus question

•  Place for parent signature and due date for the homework

•  Place for the SLP to write the speech sounds the student is working on in therapy.


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