Positive Self Esteem Activities


2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th

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Teach your students positive self esteem, improve self awareness, and help boost self confidence. Challenge your students to become self motivated and boost their self esteem by completing these activities. Motivate your students with these self awareness tips and help them improve their overall self confidence.



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•  Appropriate for elementary students.

•  Effective for teaching positive self esteem.

•  Useful for improving self awareness and boosting self confidence.

•  Encourages students to be motivated.

•  Perfect for ice breakers or end of the year activities.


• Mini book that features student strengths.

• Strengths include talents, favorite activities, and positive attributes.

• Activities to motivate students and build self confidence.

• Writing prompt to increase written expression.


• 8 Super Kids

• 8 Certificates

• 1 Mini book (14 pages)

• 1 Brainstorm worksheet

• 1 Super Kid Writing Prompt


Students personalize a 14 page mini book by writing their own attributes in response to the statements. Each page in the Mini Book provides a space for students to include their own attributes. Students further personalize their books by choosing one Super Kid (4 girls and 4 boys) to represent them. Then they glue that picture to the first page of their books.

Let’s Brainstorm:

The worksheet is a writing prompt that includes all the statements covered in the Mini Book. Each question contains 3 answers for each question and an “other” option for students to write their own answer. Students circle the answer(s) that applies to them. When the students complete the Let’s Brainstorm worksheet, then they transfer their answers to the Mini Book.


After the activity is completed, use the certificates to further boost the positive self-esteem of your students. Help them to feel confident about their strengths and know that they are super in many ways. Certificates may also be used for reinforcements for other activities.


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