Thanksgiving Mini Book Activities


Grade Levels:
K, 1st, 2nd

Seasonal, Holiday, Activities

Resource Type:
Printables, Worksheets, Mini Book

22 pages

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These Thanksgiving activities will be a hit with your students! They will also have fun answering Comprehension Questions and using the Writing Prompts to discuss what they are thankful for. Students read about preparing a Thanksgiving meal and the importance of being thankful. Then they cut out pictures to answer comprehension questions about the story. Finally, they complete writing prompts on what makes them feel thankful.


• Appropriate for elementary students.
• Students that want to discuss holiday traditions.
• Effective for teaching vocabulary skills and building reading comprehension.
• Encourage
 written expression.


• Educational Mini Book
• Inferencing and Comprehension activities.
• Check for understanding by using the writing prompts.


• Mini-Book with 20 pages
• 9 Comprehension Questions
• 4 Writing Prompts

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