6 Fun Holiday Activities for Speech Therapy

6 Fun Holiday Activities for Speech Therapy

The holiday season is the time for tradition, winter snow, eggnog, and cozying by the fireside with the ones that you love. The holiday season is also for spending time with family and friends.

  1. Santa Paper Bag Puppet (Elementary)

    Get into the holiday spirit with this fun and easy craft. First, add following directions into the activity by directing your students on how to color the Santa picture. Next, students cut out the pictures. Last, students glue the pictures to the paper bag to make a puppet. For added bonus, have the students practice their speech sounds using the Santa Paper Bag Puppet.

  2. Holiday Ornament Play Dough Recipe (Upper Elementary)

    This hands-on activity incorporates following directions, crafts, and comprehension questions all into one. Have your students help you create the play dough by following the recipe in speech therapy. Students may also choose which food coloring drops they would like to use. They can also choose their own shapes by using the cookie cutters. For an added bonus, this activity also includes 11 comprehension questions to answer after completing the Play Dough recipe. Students must use their context clues to answer some of the questions.

    Grab my Winter Cut and Fold FREEBIE for more Winter Themed Activities.

  3. Holiday Activity Mat (Upper Elementary)

    This holiday activity mat is perfect to use during speech therapy. It includes: 5 word scrambles, 1 word search, 1 connect the dots, and 1 holiday graph. Students may complete the activities while practicing their articulation or by answering language questions. If students are practicing following directions, have them complete the holiday ornament graph and see if it looks like the picture. Also perfect for your end of the semester holiday activities.

  4. Bobby Bear Holiday Activities (Upper Elementary)

    Follow Bobby Bear on his adventures as students complete a variety of activities. First, students read a story and then answer 10 comprehension questions. Next, students complete a word search based on the vocabulary in the story. Then, students complete an acrostic using the word: Christmas. Finally, students sequence the holiday story in the correct order by following 8 sequence steps. Answer Key included.

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  5. Holiday Traditions Around the World (Middle to High School)

    These cultural activities highlight the holiday traditions of four countries: United States, Australia, Africa, and Canada. Students target numerous language concepts at the same time: comprehension, vocabulary, inferences, compare/contrast, making predictions, main idea, and grammar/written expression. Students read about the country, its traditions, and its customs. Then they take a quiz, write short answers & essays, and complete a Venn diagram. This activity is effective for teaching cultural diversity.

    This activity includes:
    -32 Multiple choice questions
    -4 Essay questions
    -4 Venn diagrams with a topic of discussion
    -Essay questions

    Click to try my Holiday Traditions Around the World

  6. Kwanzaa Holiday Traditions (Middle to High School)

    This Kwanzaa cultural activity will educate your students about the Kwanzaa history, traditions, symbols, and principles. After reading about the Kwanzaa history and traditions; students practice their comprehension and written expression skills. This activity is effective for teaching cultural diversity.

    It provides a detailed description of the seven symbols of Kwanzaa and the Swahili names: Place Mat (Mkeka), Mazao (Crops), Ear of Corn (Muhindi), Seven Candles (Mishumaa Saba), Candle Holder (Kinara), Unity Cup (Kikoma Cha Umoja), and Gifts (Zawadi). It also provides a detailed description of the seven principles of Kwanzaa and the Swahili names: Umoja (Unity), Kujichagulia (Self-Determination), Ujima (Work & Responsibility), Ujamaa (Economics), Nia (Purpose), Kuumba (Creativity), and Imani (Faith).

    This activity includes:
    -Kwanzaa Symbols and Principles
    -Short Answer Quizzes
    -Written Expression Paragraphs
    -Venn Diagrams

    Click here to try my Kwanzaa Holiday Tradition

Holiday Traditions Around the World Activities



Click to try my Holiday Tradition Activities.

Kwanzaa Activities

Click to try my Kwanzaa Activities.

Speech Therapy Holiday Downloads:

Santa Paper Bag Puppet


Holiday Play Dough Ornament Recipe


Holiday Activity Mat


Bobby Bear Holiday Activities


Holiday Traditions Around the World

Holiday Traditions Around the World

Kwanzaa Activities

Kwanzaa Holiday Traditions

By trying these 6 Fun Holiday Activities, Crafts, and Downloads during Speech Therapy; you will help get your students into the holiday season.

6 Fun Holiday Activities for Speech Therapy

Try these 6 fun Holiday crafts, recipes, and activities during speech therapy.

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