6 Fun Spring Activities for Speech Therapy

6 Fun Spring Activities For Speech Therapy

Spring time is here! It’s the season for flowers, spring fashions, St. Patrick’s Day, and Easter. So shake off the snow, welcome the warmer weather, and enjoy these spring activities.

  1. Lucky the Leprechaun (Upper Elementary)

    Help teach your students about St. Patrick’s Day by reading the story about Lucky Leprechaun. Students work on increasing their language skills. Help them work on inferencing, predictions, and using context clues. Will Lucky make it to the parade in time? This activity includes 10 comprehension questions (6 multiple choice and 4 short answer).

  2. St. Patrick’s Day Freebie (Elementary)

    Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with this FREE Cut n Fold activity. This is a fun and easy way to introduce the St. Patrick’s Day spring season to your students and work on comprehension at the same time! Read 6 Wh- questions and the student answers. Then fold back the paper to see if their answer was correct.
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  3. Spring At The Pond (Upper Elementary)

    Welcome spring with this story. Students work on increasing their comprehension skills by reading a short story. Then they answer 8 questions (5 multiple choice and 3 short answer). A little girl and her father have been waiting all winter for the spring season.

  4. Spring Sequencing (Upper Elementary)

    This Spring Sequencing Activity Packet will encourage written expression, inferencing, and encourage more utterances. Sequence cards, complete inferencing worksheets, and create sentence strips. Students work on creating 4-step and 5-step sequencing. First, cut out the cards and laminate for durable use. Next, students sequence the cards in the correct order. Then students cut out and glue their own sequencing cards and glue the steps in correct order.
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  5. Spring Bingo (Elementary)

    This Spring Bingo Activity is an excellent tool to work on language skills in the small group setting. Students practice answering Wh- Questions and making inferences at the same time. Each question card includes a “wh” question and picture of the answer. Up to 5 players can play at one time.
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  6. Easter Bunny Word Search (Elementary)

    Who doesn’t love a good word search? Students take turns searching for 14 target words. Pro Tip: Have your students use highlighters instead of pencil to find the words. After the students find their words, encourage them to write sentences including their target word.


6 fun spring activities for speech therapy: Spring Bingo

6 fun spring activities for speech therapy: Spring Sequencing

6 Fun Spring Activities for Speech Therapy
Help your students shake off the winter blues and try these 6 fun Spring speech therapy activities today.

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