July 4th Craftivity

4th of July Fireworks Crafts

The 4th of July is a time for fireworks and barbecues. If you’re looking for fun July 4th activities to try with your kids, then look no further. These diy crafts are fun for the entire family.



Straws (Flexible)
Red and Blue Paint
White paper
Baby Wipes
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Bend the straws at a right angle and then tape them together to form a pinwheel. 

20150622_111637_resized  20150622_111841_resized

Dip all the straws in the blue paint and apply to the white paper.

20150622_111050_resized    20150622_111105_resized

Then do the same thing with the red paint.

20150622_111111_resized     20150622_111058_resized

After a little practice, you can even combine the two colors together. Now you have your July 4th fireworks!


20150622_111953_resized     20150622_112002_resized

Use the wipes to clean your hands and table.
I usually follow up with a discussion on Independence Day; depending on the grade and ability level. For younger students, I work on following directions and I review the sequence of steps.  For older students, I have them write a sentence or paragraph about the 4th of July.


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