6 Fun Summer Activities for Speech Therapy

6 Fun Summer Activities for Speech Therapy

It’s the season for ice cream, swimming, the beach, and hanging out with friends by the pool. While school is out, you need activities to keep your kids active and busy. If you’re working summer school, you may also be looking for engaging summer lesson plans and activities. These 6 Fun Summer Activities will make planning a breeze and keep your kids actively engaged.

6 Fun Fresh Summer Activities

  1. July 4th Fireworks Crafts

    July 4th is the time for fireworks and barbecues. If you’re looking for fun July 4th activities to try with your kids, then look no further. These diy crafts are fun for the entire family. All you need is paper, washable paint, straws, and tape. This craft is easy to make and clean up is a breeze.

    Read my blog post on this fun summer craft: July 4th Fireworks Craftivity

  2. Summer Bingo (Elementary)

    This Summer Bingo activity is an excellent tool to work on language skills in the small group setting. Practice answering Wh- Questions and making inferences at the same time. Each question card includes a “wh” question and picture of the answer.

    Fresh take on Bingo: Summer Bingo

  3. Summer Sequencing (Upper Elementary)

    This Summer Sequencing activity will encourage written expression, inferencing, and encourage more utterances. Sequence cards, complete inferencing worksheets, and create sentence strips. Kids will also work on problem solving and story comprehension.

    Summer Sequencing Fun: Summer Sequencing Activity

  4. Summer Speech Homework (Elementary)

    This activity is perfect for sending activities home with your students for the summer. Encourage your kids to use their language skills by answering comprehension and descriptive questions. Each packet is also customizable to suit the needs of your students.

    Make speech summer homework a breeze: Summer Speech Homework

  5. Summer Journal (Upper Elementary)

    This journal will help your students keep track of their summer vacation. They write about the fun they had, time spent with family, and the holidays. Students will work on their comprehension skills and written expression at the same time.

  6. Summer Reading Log (Elementary)

    Encourage your students to continue their reading over the summer. Students log their books, authors, and the date that they read. Encourage your kids to continue their reading literacy and story comprehension over their summer vacation.

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July 4th Crafts
Read my post to learn how to make this fun 4th of July Fireworks Craft.

Summer Bingo Activity
Summer Bingo
Summer Sequencing Activity
Summer Sequencing Activity
Summer Speech Activities
Summer Speech Homework

By using these activities, help make your summer a breeze! You will have peace of mind with these strategies on hand to keep your kids engaged. Spend more time enjoying your summer and quality time as a family.

6 Fun Summer Activities
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