6 Teen Holiday Activities

6 Christmas Holiday Activities for Tweens and Teens

Christmas is a time for teenagers to enjoy the festive spirit of the season, spend time with loved ones, engage in activities that bring joy, and create lasting memories.

These 6 Christmas Activities will keep your teenagers actively engaged during the fun holiday season.

  1. The Polar Express Train Ride
    The Polar Express train ride is not just for young kids. It is an activity for the entire family to enjoy. Let your teen help pick out the pajamas they will wear. They can read the classic Polar Express book to their younger siblings before going on the train ride. Listen to Christmas music in the car when you are on the way to the train. Spend time together as a family on a special train ride with hot chocolate, cookies, and the first gift of Christmas. Check your local listings see if your city offers the Polar Express.

  2. Dirty Santa
    Invite family and friends over to play a fun game of Dirty Santa. Set a dollar limit for the gifts and a theme if you prefer. Everyone brings a wrapped gift and the gifts are placed on the table. Before starting, everyone draws a number. The slips of paper should be numbered through the number of people participating in the game. The person that draws #1 starts the game by selecting a gift, unwrapping it, and showing it to everyone. The person that draws #2 has the option to take the gift from the first person, or choose a gift from the pile. Once it is that person’s turn they have the option to take a gift from someone else, or choose a gift from the pile. There are some ground rules. A gift cannot be taken more than three times, after that the last person gets to keep it. Remember, a gift can only be taken once per turn.

  3. White Elephant Ornament Exchange
    Invite family and friends over to play a fun game of White Elephant Ornament Exchange. The rules are similar to Dirty Santa, except everyone brings ornaments. Set a dollar limit for for the ornaments if you prefer. The ornaments should be wrapped and placed on the table. Before starting, everyone draws a number. The slips of paper should be numbered through number of people participating in the game. Instead of following the same set of rules like Dirty Santa, the players follow instructions given to them through a Holiday-Themed poem. For example, the White Elephant poem tells players to pass their gift left or right until the end, when they get to keep whatever item they’re holding. Click on this White Elephant Poem written by MichellePaigeBlogs.

  4. Throw an old fashioned Sleepover
    Teenagers are never too old for a sleepover. Start by having your teen choose a theme and design the invitations. The invitations can be sent electronically if your teen prefers. Having a theme is a fun idea; it gives everyone an idea of how to dress and what to bring. Some ideas: White Christmas (everyone wear white), Nightmare Before Christmas (dress up in a spooky Christmas outfit), or Gingerbread House (bring candy canes and wear red). Have plenty of food, drinks, and activities planned. Activities can include ornament painting, wreath making, or gingerbread decorating. Also, be sure to have plenty of Christmas music playing and stream a classic Christmas movie.

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  5. Christmas Movie Marathon
    Encourage your teenager invite their friends over for a Christmas movie marathon. Have your teens and their friends select the movie classics they want to watch ahead of time. Order a pizza, drinks, and have plenty of snacks. After dinner, light the fireplace and turn the lights on the Christmas tree. Take turns selecting your favorite classic holiday movies. Then settle back on the couch for movie night, drink hot cocoa with marshmallows, and snack on some delicious Christmas cookies.

  6. Family Bake Off Night
    Host a fun holiday bake off that the entire family will enjoy. Invite over friends and family to help with judging their favorite holiday treat. Have your teen help with selecting recipes for their favorite holiday goodies. Then each person in the family chooses a holiday recipe that they will bake; from cookies, cheesecake bites, Christmas brownies, Santa Cupcakes, and more. Click on this list of Christmas Themed Holiday Treats. Then friends help with judging their favorite Christmas treat! When finished, everyone gets to take the delicious treats home or pass them out to the neighborhood to spread holiday cheer!

Finding engaging Christmas holiday ideas for teenagers can be challenging. However, by remembering to involve your teens in the planning process, it will create a holiday experience that you will all enjoy.

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