Problem Solving Scenarios for Social Skills


Grade Levels:
5th, 6th, 7th, 8th 

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Pages: 76

These activities are perfect for teaching kids with autism about their feelings and emotions. Try these lesson plans in the classroom or in the small group setting. These activities will teach kids how to identify their feelings and learn appropriate behaviors at the same time. This hands on activities will help your students set the foundation for learning social skills.

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Appropriate for upper elementary students.

Works great for students with autism.

Also effective with students that have difficulty identifying their emotions and struggle with identifying how others feel.

Students that need to learn about emotions and work on their problem solving skills.


• Perfect for inferencing, sequencing, and comprehension.

• Introduction to 4 characters exhibiting an emotion and 4 detectives to help them solve a case.

• Includes case scenarios that describe a problem.

• Students are required to analyze the situation, identify the problem, and determine a solution.

• Answer a variety of questions that encourage discussion and critical thinking skills.

• There’s more than one correct answer so encourage an open discussion with your class!

Feelings discussed:

• Angry  • Shy  • Silly  • Frustrated


• Interactive Table of Contents: One click will take you to the case scenario and detective strategies for each emotion.

• Character descriptions and Character Analysis

• 24 Case Scenarios in color and 24 Case Scenarios in black/white

• File cards that describe 4 characters and their emotions

• Total of 2 pages; 1 in color and 1 in black/white

• File cards that introduce the detectives

• Total of 2 pages; 1 in color and 1 in black/white

• Definitions of each feeling that includes nonverbal social cues

• 4 pages in color and 4 pages in black/white

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