Articulation Bingo Bundle


1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th

Articulation, Speech Therapy, Phonemic Awareness

Resource Type:
Printables, Bingo, Activities

260 pages

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This Articulation Bingo Bundle is an excellent tool to work on articulation and language at the same time. Keep your students motivated and engaged during articulation therapy with these fun hands-on activities. Students will read the description and then find the answer on their bingo boards.

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• Appropriate for elementary students.

• Students working on articulation.

• Effective for working on phonemic awareness skills.


• Bingo Boards

• Bingo Cards

• Bingo Chips

• Articulation Practice


10 Articulation Sounds included in this resource:

  • S (initial, medial, final)
  • S Blends (initial)
  • L (initial, medial, final)
  • L Blends (initial)
  • R Blends (initial)
  • Vocalic R (initial, medial, final)
  • SH (initial, medial, final)
  • TH (initial, medial, final)
  • K (initial, medial, final)
  • Z (initial, medial, final)

Total of 100 Bingo Boards:

5 Bingo Boards with borders in each set: Red, Green, Blue, Purple, and Orange

50 Bingo Boards with borders

5 Bingo Boards (same) without Borders in each set: Red, Green, Blue, Purple, and Orange

50 Bingo Boards (same) without borders

Bingo Cards:

• 270 Bingo cards in total (Each set has 27 Bingo Cards)

• 20 Free Turn Cards in total (Each set has 2 Free Turn Cards)

• 10 Lose a Turn Cards in total (Each set has 1 Lose a Turn Card)

• “Backs” for all of the Bingo Question Cards

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