Why Previews are Important on Teachers Pay Teachers

Why Previews Are Important on Teachers Pay Teachers

by The Artsy SLP

Previews are an open debate on Teachers Pay Teachers (TPT). Some people feel that they aren’t needed and that thumbnails are enough. Others believe that previews are crucial. Let me tell you…they are. Read on to find out why previews are important on TPT and how to protect your intellectual property.
I have seen buyer after buyer state that they won’t buy a product if there are not previews. So why take the chance?
Thumbnails are NOT enough

Although thumbnails give your potential buyer a snapshot of what your product entails; it just can’t compare to previews. Consider this. Not everyone is viewing your TPT Store on a desktop or laptop computer. In this technologically advanced world, people are using their phones and tablets. That being said, when you use tablets and phones, it’s a lot more difficult to see those thumbnail images. I know, because I’ve tried!  Thumbnails are important and they should be created to catch a potential buyer’s eye. However, once they are trying to decide whether or not they want to make a purchase; they will typically turn to a preview. It makes all the difference in the world.
Don’t be Scared
This is just a theory. However, I think the reason why some people are hesitant to post previews; is that they’re scared to death that someone will copy their product. That is a very valid concern. You don’t want to just put yourself “out there” and throw caution to the wind. You must find the delicate balance between highlighting what your product truly has to offer and not providing enough information. Watermarks are symbols, words, and/or phrases that are written on a product (i.e. Example, Sample, Personal Property of, etc.) to indicate that it is a free sample. Use watermarks in all previews, but don’t overdo it. I’ve also seen previews with so many watermarks on it; that it’s difficult to even see the product. If you’re covering all of your product up, then what’s the sense of using a preview to begin with?

Protect Yourself
It’s a must to put your name on each and every page of your product; including previews. Some people put a copyright symbol with the year on each page. Whichever you choose to do, make sure you mark this on every page. I try to make my mark discrete at the bottom or side of the page.
Have faith
I know that putting your product out there can seem like the scariest thing. I still get butterflies when posting a product. Try to do what you can to make your product stand out and give people something they want to buy.
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Why Previews Are Important on Teachers Pay Teachers
Using colorful previews will help boost your sales on Teachers Pay Teachers.

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