Teen Social Skills and Nonverbal Language Activities | Real Photos


8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th

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47 pages (Color and Black & White)

Teach your students how to interpret nonverbal language and social cues. This includes: body language, facial expressions, body posture, and tone. These skills are essential for communication. We must recognize these nonverbal cues and make inferences about a situation and how a person feels.

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Appropriate for teenage students.

Works great for students with autism.

Students that need help identifying their emotions.

Also effective for students that need to practice perspective taking and identifying how others feel.


Students read about 20 scenarios that include real photographs.

Students are provided with a little bit of background information before looking at the photograph.

Then students must look at the nonverbal cues along with the background information to answer the questions.

The background information is purposefully ambiguous so that students may draw their own conclusions.

Students learn how to recognize nonverbal cues that includes body language and facial cues.

• Encourages written expression.

Featured Emotions:

• Sad  • Helpful  • Apologetic  • Confused  • Disappointed

• Nervous  • Bored  • Hopeful  • Worried  • Upset

• Confident  • Disgusted  • Excited  • Tired  • Scared

• Happy  • Ungrateful  • Content  • Annoyed  • Surprised

Nonverbal Language Activities:

• 20 scenarios (Color)

• 20 scenarios (Black/White)

• 1 Bonus (Color and Black/White)

• Answer Key

The use of real photos will help increase your students’ understanding of nonverbal cues.

These activities are meant for teens. The scenarios include, but are not limited to; dating, hanging out with friends, social media, texting, school, studying, health, and helping others.

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