Back to School Ice Breakers

Back To School Ice Breakers

By The Artsy SLP

The blink of an eye. The flip of the calendar. The sound of the alarm clock. Before you know it; it’s back to school and back to the hustle and bustle. I still marvel at where the time has gone.

Back to school can be an exciting, yet hectic time. Making schedules, developing lesson plans, and preparing a classroom. Before you know it, the students are returning and the classroom is full.

For my speech and language therapy students, I like to start with Ice Breakers. I created fun Ice Breakers that I have used with my students for years. I have a total of twelve questions; six questions on each page.

To play: Each student takes turns rolling a die.
When the student lands on a number, he reads the corresponding question and answers it. Ex: If he rolls the die and gets “3” then he reads and answers the “3” question.
If a student rolls a number and has already answered the question, then he rolls again.

This Ice Breakers activity is designed to help you get to know your students. Students will also learn more about each other. As an added bonus, see how much your students remember about each other!

Click the link to download my: Back To School Ice Breaker Freebie.


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