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5 Tips For Getting Started on Teachers Pay Teachers

by The Artsy SLP

So you want to get started on Teachers Pay Teachers ( TPT)? You’ve seen the products, the pictures, the ideas, and decide this may be for you. My advice, go for it! However, how does one get started? Before you jump in and start making products, here are some things to consider.
First I think it’s wise to determine why you would like to post products and sell on TPT. It is definitely not a get rich quick scheme. In fact, slow and steady wins the race. Running a store on TPT is hard work, takes dedication, requires long hours, and lots of patience. If you love creating things and have lots of fun ideas, then this is for you! Creating products can be tedious and time consuming; you might as well enjoy the process while you’re at it.
Now if you’re still reading this far…Getting started on TPT may seem overwhelming and a bit like a daunting task. I have put together 5 tips and  guidelines I have found to be successful.
1. To Be (or Not) a Paying Member

One of the great things about TPT is that you can join and sell items without being a paid subscriber. TPT has two types of seller accounts: Seller’s Upgrade and Premium Seller Upgrade.
Seller’s Upgrade Account: FREE You keep 60% of your earnings and you are charged a 30 cent transaction fee for every item that you sell.
Premium Seller Upgrade: PAID-$59.95 per year You keep 85% of your earnings and there is no transaction fee for every item that you sell.
Everyone has a theory on when to become a Premium Seller. Some people become Premium Members as soon as they join. Others may wait a few months. My advice is to do what is the most comfortable for you. When you do upgrade, you will see significantly more earnings in your profits. Ultimately, the choice is yours!
2.  Creating a Store Brand

What’s in a name? An awful lot! Try to create a store name that is unique and gives an idea of what your store has to offer. You have two options. You can just use your real name or  create a store name. There’s nothing wrong with using your real name. However, my personal preference was to create a store name. I wanted my name to reflect a little about me and my personal interests. Remember, your store name should grab the attention of others, and make people want to click on your page.
3. Creating a Store Logo

When you join TPT, you will have the option to create a store log. That’s the lovely circle you will see at the top of everyone’s page. Again, you have two options. You can use a picture of yourself, family, kids, etc. Or you can create your own store logo. Again, remember the idea is to grab the attention of others. So try to choose a picture or create a logo that is unique and will stand out. I’ve seen a lot of creative store logos, so let your imagination run wild!
4. Demographics

I think it’s very important to decide early on which demographic you would like to reach. Do you want to focus on third and fourth grade materials? ELA or Math materials? Most people tend to make products for the area and subject that they teach. Since I’m a speech language pathologist, I focus on materials practical for other SLPs. Try to be creative, innovative, and to stand out.

5. Standing Out

Don’t ever copy ideas. However, don’t be afraid to check out the competition. Browse the top selling members and visit their stores. This will help give you an idea of what buyers are looking for. 


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5 Tips for Getting Started on Teachers Pay Teachers
These tips will help you start your Teachers Pay Teachers Store in style.

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