Musings: Finding the Balance

Finding the Right Balance in Life
By The Artsy SLP

Sometimes I find in difficult in life to find the right balance. My life is either too busy or it seems like it’s going too slow. At times, it’s hard to find just the right balance and rhythm in life. I worked summer school this summer and it just recently ended. It was nice to stay busy, help the kids, and to have something constructive to do with my time. However, it seems as though the summer has flown by. Sometimes when things get hectic, we should try to slow down and focus on what’s important.
Although I spent most of the summer working, I did remember to slow down and smell the roses. I got caught up at some reading at the local library, played in a 4th of July concert with my orchestra, and I’m finishing up on a painting I started a while ago.


This week I also celebrated my birthday. Another year has gone by and I realized how much I have to be thankful for. When school starts back up next month, things are going to pick up. When they do, I will try to remember to try finding the right balance. Slow down. Take the time to finish the products that you started. Spend time with a loved one. Bring a smile to someone’s face. Most importantly…remember to be thankful.




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