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Understanding Freebies
By The Artsy SLP

Freebie Ratio
Be careful with freebies. You don’t want to have too many freebies, otherwise there won’t be an incentive for people to buy products in your store. The general rule of thumb 10% is the absolute maximum of freebies in your store and average should be 3% to 5%.  Try to keep your freebies to a minimum.  Having freebies will not automatically persuade people to buy something. Although some people may actually buy a product from your store, most will just download the freebie.
Using Freebies for Marketing
You can create freebies that are a shorter version of a paid product. Creating a freebie with a shorter version of a paid product is a great way to give buyers an idea of what to expect. Then hopefully if they like the freebie, they will purchase the full version.
Flash Freebies
Flash freebies are when you take a paid product and make it free for a certain amount of time. This can range from one to seven days. Many sellers make a brand new product free for a certain amount of time, and then turn it into a paid product. Typically, sellers will offer flash freebies to their followers to give them a first look at their new products.
Realize that your freebies will be downloaded frequently, so don’t overdue it. Some people will download your freebie and potentially buy something. However, most will just move on without buying a thing. So use freebies wisely. If used right, it can be a very valuable marketing tool.

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